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The Marketer’s Toolbox: 3 Free Resources We Love

marketing resources

Answer The Public: Keyword Search Tool 

Having the right keywords plays an essential role in optimizing your SEO, and feeds into your ad and content strategy to ensure you’re reaching your target customers. Answer the Public helps you determine what people are searching for, helping you tailor your messaging to answer your audiences’ questions. 

Answer The Public is a keyword tool that visualizes search questions and suggested autocomplete searches in an image called a search cloud. Categories consist of the 5 Ws, plus ‘how’, ‘can’, ‘are’, ‘which’ and ‘will’. Here’s an example for “B2B sales”: 

B2B Sales Search Cloud

Answer The Public is completely free to use but also offers monthly and annual plans for added features. 

Uber Suggest: Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer

Whether you’re new to SEO or are looking for some extra pointers for your website, Uber Suggest offers a fairly comprehensive look at your website’s SEO to get you started. Simply insert your website URL and Ubersuggest will crawl your website and spit out an on-page SEO score, keywords, backlinks, health check on all your pages, critical errors, warnings, site speed on mobile and desktop, recommendations and more. It provides you with a great overview, and where to start when optimizing for SEO. 

Ubersuggest has a free version (no sign-in required) that includes most of their key features, but you get some extra perks when signing up for a free trial. 

Ubersuggest SEO tool screenshot

TONL: Diverse Stock Photos 

Do you find yourself using the same stock photos over-and-over again for your website, blog or social media? TONL offers beautiful, fresh photography featuring people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Most of the photography is focused on people and faces, which is especially useful since photography with people tends to perform better. So, if you’re looking to change things up, give TONL a try. 

TONL offers subscription pricing, as well as pricing for individual photos, but their free section also has a great selection of photos. 

Image from TONL of woman playing soccer

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