When Workplay Digital first started working with MuniWare, our mission was to increase client engagement through the monthly newsletter and feedback surveys.




Email Marketing

Our Solution

We redesigned the monthly newsletter to make it look professional, aesthetically pleasing but still scannable. We developed content that was not only relevant, but helpful to readers, while including compelling calls-to-action, and ensuring the email worked for multiple inboxes and devices. In a matter of months, the newsletter open rates increased to 35.3% (as compared to the industry average of 19.81%) and a click rate of 7.3% (as compared to the industry average of 2.05%). 


In order to gain better customer insights, we launched an annual customer satisfaction survey, as well as an ongoing training survey that is administered after every training session for real-time feedback. The customer satisfaction survey saw a 85% completion rate, with results that were organized into actionable and honest feedback in the areas of software, training, communication and overall satisfaction. 

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