I/O Advisory

When Workplay Digital started working with I/O Advisory, their mission was to develop engaging and relevant content, catering to their target audience.


Digital Advertising


Email Marketing

Our Solution

Based on I/O Advisory’s goals, we developed a three-step marketing funnel to guide leads through the buyer journey, from prospect to customer. We started by developing two e-books, catering to I/O Advisory’s different buyer personas. In order to capture lead information, we created a landing page. All new leads were then nurtured with an automated email, encouraging them to sign up for a consultation.

In order to get the ebooks in front of the right people, we ran two ad campaigns, one on Facebook and one on Instagram, using the ebook as a lead magnet.

We also worked with I/O Advisory to revamp Dr. Helen’s bi-monthly newsletter, ‘You Heard it Here.’ Filled with Career Psychologist, Dr. Helen’s latest blogs and top monthly picks, the newsletter has a subscriber base of over 1000 (and counting!).

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