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Facebook Ads That Work Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

We’ve seen several small businesses reduce their digital ad spends recently and for good reason – sales are dipping and coronavirus-related layoffs aren’t slowing down. Fortunately, a lower ad spend doesn’t have to mean fewer results. What if we told you that, with just a few tweaks, your ad spend could work evenharder for you and continue to produce results? 

Here are a few ways to get started with ad optimization: 

  • Customize creative for each placement. Take the extra time to customize Instagram Stories ads, add subtitles to in-feed video ads, and create separate carousel ads for Facebook and Instagram. The more native your ads look to the platform, the better they will perform. 
  • Use A/B testing to find what works. This isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but it’s always a good idea to test your theories. Start by testing audiences, creative, and placements. Here’s a great guide from Hubspot on how to get started with A/B testing Facebook Ads. 
  • Optimize ad schedules, audiences and placements. Are your existing campaigns running every day at all hours of the day? Pull a quick report to see which days of the week see the most results and apply those across your campaigns. You can do the same with your audience demographics and ad placements, too!

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