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[EMAIL TEMPLATE] Get your employees to rally around your online brand!

Your employees are your first line of defence when building an online brand. They are easily accessible and already have some level of brand loyalty.

Even as a small business, just by having ten employees share your content, that’s ten more than you had before. And social media is a funny thing where your impressions grow exponentially for every person that engages with your content.

Fast Company says, “Everyday employees are twice as trusted as executives, and consumers are 77% more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust.” So why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Here’s a sample email you can send to your employees (and future online champions):

Sample email:

Hi all,

As many of you know, we are starting to actively use social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) to build brand awareness and generate new leads for [Company XYZ].

It would be a massive help to have you be a champion for [Company XYZ] by engaging with us on these platforms. Here are a few ways that you can help us find success on social media:

1) Follow us! This is the first step: follow us on LinkedIn [link], Facebook [link], and Twitter [link]. This way, you’ll receive all of our latest posts on your feed.

2) Like, share and engage. Re-tweet / share our posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to your connections. Add value to your followers by adding in your own comments and thoughts as well. This will help us reach a wider audience and increase traffic to our posts.

3) Encourage others to follow. Whether you’re writing our email campaigns, manning our trade show booth, or hosting a webinar, feel free to plug our social channels! It’s a quick and easy way for current and prospective clients to get the latest updates about [Company XYZ] and the industry at large.

Lastly, If you have any ideas for a social campaign, feel free to shoot us a message.

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