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Belonging in the Workplace: Going Beyond Diversity and Inclusion

As said by Liz Fosslien, “Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having that voice be heard.” Focusing on inclusion and belonging isn’t just the right thing to do morally, but there’s a clear business case for it. A national survey by BetterUp found:

  • Employees with a high sense of belonging take 75% fewer sick days than employees who feel excluded. These sick days equate to almost $2.5 million worth of lost productivity each year, per 10,000 workers.
  • Excluded employees have a 50% higher rate of turnover than employees who feel they belong, costing organizations about $10 million annually per 10,000 employees.
  • Employees see 56% in job performance when they feel like they belong, resulting in a gain of $52 million per year for every 10,000 employees.

So, how do you foster inclusion and belonging at work?

Personally, we’ve committed to educating our clients, the organizations, and the people we work with to take their efforts toward diversity one step further.

This means having a truly balanced panel, ensuring imagery we use reflects people of all shapes and colours and speaking to all people through our communications. This process is a journey and we’re looking forward to sharing our learnings with you along the way.

For inspiration, here are how some brands have responded to racial injustice:

Reddit: On June 5th, co-founder Alexis Ohanian stepped down from Reddit’s board urging the company to fill the seat with a Black candidate. Less than a week later, Reddit named Michael Seibel, the CEO of Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator, as the first Black board member in the company’s history.

L’Oreal: Munroe Bergdorf, a transgender Black British model was fired by L’Oreal Paris in 2017 after speaking out against racism on Facebook discussing the “racial violence of white people”. On June 9, the model reported that she would join the company’s U.K. diversity and inclusion board after conversations with its new leadership.

After hearing directly from Pinterest’s Black employees on their first-hand lived experiences of racism and injustice, the company has committed to taking various steps to fight racism on the platform – within the company and in support of others. These steps include investing additional resources into growing the diversity of content on the platform, donating $750,000 in paid media to organizations that support racial injustice and making a $250,000 investment to help rebuild local businesses damaged in the protests.

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