What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is a project management methodology in which teams identify and focus their collective efforts on high value activities. This involves testing their impact and making iterative changes based on data, to maximize results over time. 

agile methodology
How we make Agile work

Agile allows us to respond to changes in the market and adjust tactics according to what works much more rapidly. Ultimately, this means better results for your business, more satisfied employees and happy customers.

  • We work with you and any other stakeholders to align on project goals and a go-forward plan.
  • We also conduct an initial kick-off meeting to establish workflow, key milestones and articulate our agile culture and expectations, including deep and continuous collaboration, embracing the unexpected, accountability and above all, putting the customer at the center of all decisions.
  • We look at your data to determine where we can have the greatest impact.
  • By developing insights based on targeted analytics, we identify pain points, issues and opportunities.
  • This will inform how we iterate and course adjust so we’re always tackling the most important and fruitful opportunities for your business.
  • For each identified opportunity, we develop ideas on how to improve the experience, how to test those ideas, and what KPIs to measure.
  • We prioritize the most high-value ideas, based on potential business impact, and execute in short sprints so we can quickly test, and iterate based on the data and KPIs.
  • By constantly learning and adapting, we ensure that we’re focused on the highest yielding activities, that are tried and tested. 

We believe in putting great ideas into action quickly and effectively to get you the best results. This means streamlining communication, processes, and workflows to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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