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5 Tips to Host Your Best Webinar Yet

Hosting a webinar

Webinars are a great way to engage your customers, nurture your leads or reach a new audience. If done well, you can use webinars to easily communicate your key offerings, demonstrate how to use a specific product or present best practices that would be of value to your audience. 

Here are five key tips to step-up your webinar game to ensure your next webinar is engaging, thoughtful and ultimately helps you achieve your goals. So, let’s make your next webinar the best one yet!

  1. Tell Stories 

One of the best ways to demonstrate your point is by telling a story or showcasing a case study. Bring your point home with a real-life example, and explain how it was done and what the results were. People tend to respond best to stories, not to mention that they tend to remember them best too. For bonus points, showcase examples that can’t be found elsewhere — exclusive content like this will have your audience coming back for more. Which brings us to #2….

  1. Get visual

Your presentation is a combination of what you’re saying and what you’res showing, so it’s important that your visuals are professional, on-brand, and engaging. But, don’t think you have to start from scratch. There are some really great templates out there that you can use as a jumping-off point (we love this one from GotoWebinar). As a rule of thumb, try to keep each slide of your presentation to less than 100 words, and focus more on interesting visuals that demonstrate what you’re presenting on. 

  1. Get creative with polls 

Most webinar tools have the option to add polls to your webinar, where you can pose questions to participants, collect responses and display the answers. This is a great way to engage your audience throughout the webinar. You can use polls at the beginning of your webinar to tell participants a little bit about yourself, to break the ice with fun questions, or to gauge your audience’s experience or comfort level with a particular tool or concept. Polls can also be used throughout the webinar to pop quiz participants or to gather feedback at the end of a webinar. Here are some of our favourite examples:

Icebreaker Polls

  • Be honest, are you wearing PJs right now?
  1. Never!
  2. Yes, and if you said no you’re lying 
  3. Business on top, PJs on the bottom
  4. I literally took them off a minute ago
  • Which of the following ice cream flavours do you like best? 
  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Strawberry
  4. Mint chip 
  5. Anything with gummy bears on top
  • What do you expect to get out of this webinar? (open text)

‘Learn more about your audience’ Polls

  • Have you used this app/program before? 
  1. Yes, I am a power user
  2. Yes, but only a little
  3. I’ve only seen others use it
  4. I’ve never used or seen the program/application
  • What is your biggest challenge with social media marketing?
  1. Proving ROI
  2. Coming up with original content
  3. Dedicating resources
  4. Lack of in-house expertise
  5. Other 
  • What is your current role?
  1. Marketing
  2. Business Development
  3. Finance
  4. IT
  5. Administrative
  1. Break for questions throughout 

Break-up your presentation by taking questions at the end of each new topic. Depending on what tool you’re using, people can submit their questions as they think of them, and then after you’ve presented on a specific topic, you can answer any questions pertaining to the material you just covered. This ensures that questions are answered while you’re still on a  topic and that it’s a two-way conversation between you and your audience. 

  1. Have a facilitator 

It can be tough to manage to present, fielding questions, comments and switching between screens during your webinar. If you can, have a colleague join the webinar as a facilitator who can do an introduction, and also keep an eye on comments and questions as they come in. The facilitator can also determine which questions can be answered privately, and which ones it would be worth having the presenter address to the group. This will make for a much more seamless experience, with the presenter being able to focus on doing just that, presenting. 

Webinars can be extremely engaging and fun with a little bit of forethought, planning and practice. Try out some of these ideas, and let us know how your next webinar goes! 

Happy webinar-ing! 

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